The Evolution Of Crisis Communications Protocols

#NeoMarketing Podcast
#NeoMarketing Podcast
The Evolution Of Crisis Communications Protocols

On this episode, we continue our conversations about when, why and how of utilizing crisis communications protocols in place of out-of-date plans. “The Professor” Pritch Pritchard, APR & PRSA Fellow explains the ideas behind our 10 Protocols (+ a bonus protocol) for Crisis Communications.


03:19 Protocol #1 Responsible
04:34 Protocol #2 Timely
06:45 Protocol #3 Openness
07:43 Protocol #4 Respect
08:57 Protocol #5 Cooperation
09:42 Protocol #6 Integrity
11:05 Protocol #7 Compassion
12:19 Protocol #8 Generosity
12:56 Protocol #9 Honesty
14:20 Protocol #10 Word and Deeds
14:43 Protocol #11 Include Your Employees
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