BONUS EPISODE: The Culture of Appreciation with Diana Rogers Jaeger

BONUS EPISODE: The Culture of Appreciation with Diana Rogers Jaeger

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In this bonus podcast episode, Diana Rogers Jaeger from Love To Appreciate discusses the business benefits of creating a Culture of Appreciation in the workplace. Diana breaks down the competitive advantages and costs savings for recruiting, retention and performance when your corporate culture includes appreciation. We discuss how to orientate these cultural changes based on the company’s goals and core values for maximum impact.

Diana breaks down the 5 Languages of Appreciation in detail:
1. Words of Affirmation
2. Quality Time
3. Acts of Service
4. Tangible Gifts
5. Appropriate Physical Touching

Employee appreciation and recognition are similar and work together but also have distinct differences such as performance vs. value measurement. Your top employees benefit from performance recognition but all employees can benefit from a culture of appreciation. Like all good things in business, utilizing appreciation tactics in your workplace is most effective when executed consistently, strategically and with measurable outcomes. 

Hear Diana on Thursday 4/5/18 as she presents The Business Impact of Appreciation” to the IABC-OKC monthly meeting for April or contact her at

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