Business Strategy vs. Corporate Culture

#NeoMarketing Podcast
Business Strategy vs. Corporate Culture

New year, new #NeoMarketing podcast opening and graphics but the same attitude and expert advice for 2019. On Ep61 we debunk the idea “Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast/Lunch”. Our CEO Kyle Golding makes the definitive statement: “That’s just stupid!”

The Golding Group partners will debate the merits of strategy, corporate culture and the value of each. Which comes first, is more important and necessary for business success? We discuss, you decide.

On each episode of the #NeoMarketing podcast, The Golding Group partners Pritch Pritchard, APR and Kyle Golding briefly (12-15 mins.) discuss best practices, latest trends and modern techniques for professional business communications including advertising, marketing, digital channels, social media, public relations and alternative options. Our goal is to be educational, informative and (hopefully) entertaining.

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