The Value Of Membership In Professional Organizations

#NeoMarketing Podcast
#NeoMarketing Podcast
The Value Of Membership In Professional Organizations

This week, Pritch is motivated by a recent visit to OKC from PRSA CEO Joe Truncale, APR and National Chair Tony D’Angelo, APR on a “Listening Tour” of the US concerning membership in PRSA by young professionals. 

Pritch and Kyle discuss the impact on a career from continuing education, networking and challenging yourself by interacting with your professional peers. Not just fresh out of school and low-level employees, but all professionals can benefit from memberships. At the same time CEO’s, Directors, etc. need to be encouraging (if not paying for) employees to participate in professional organizations based on career field. 

Bonus advice for our Chief Strategic Idealist: “If you are going to become the best at what you do, the CEO, the #1 superstar in any industry you have to push yourself, compete with other professionals, learn from them and not be afraid you might be out-shined by anyone else.”

Shoutout this week to such as OKC Ad Club (AAF), PRSA OKC, IABC Central Oklahoma, AMA OKC plus we announce our upcoming podcast series with the Oklahoma Venture Forum

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