Taking Emotions Out of Crisis Communications

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Taking Emotions Out of Crisis Communications

One of the most important elements of crisis communication management is delivering important information in a professional manner, without emotions or additional judgment. Always start with the truth. Facts are your best defense against negative opinions. 

If you are going to be a communications professional, entrepreneur or business decision maker then you really need very thick skin. Overly emotional responses are less efficient and less effective. Slow down, take your time and get it right. Authentic empathy is appreciated, but don’t get lost in your job of communicating facts and pertinent information. You will have time for personal feelings after the job is done and the situation resolved.

Other tactics to incorporate include staff training, crisis protocols and compartmentalization of information and actions in order to stay focused and factual. The best crisis management is to avoid a crisis altogether(or making a small crisis bigger). If you don’t have experienced crisis communication managers on your team or a working relationship with third-party professionals, consider reaching out to the local chapter of PRSA or a nearby university for support during a stressful communication period. 

During a recent misinformation campaign against one of our non-profit clients, The Golding Group CEO Kyle Golding found himself personally agitated at the amount of misinformed and unrelated individuals interjecting rumors, false information and assumptions into an already misconstrued situation. The stress put on the individuals who work for the NP org. added to his concern. Luckily, everyone’s professional training and pre-set protocols ended the situation before any damage was done with some simple but direct communication. 

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