Presentation Tools For Communication Pros

#NeoMarketing Podcast
#NeoMarketing Podcast
Presentation Tools For Communication Pros

On this episode, Pritch is sharing his favorite presentation tool for PR professionals to use during crisis management situations. The system is called THE THREE MINUTE DRILL developed by Jim Lukaszewski. “The Three Minute Drill is a compact, direct process for giving those you help focused, accurate, and complete information – framed in a strategic way – from which to choose a course of action.” The full system can be found here:

Pritch and Kyle go through each of the 6 steps and explain the How and Why of this well-developed thought process for communicating with important decision-makers in your organization.

On each episode of the #NeoMarketing podcast, The Golding Group partners Pritch Pritchard, APR and Kyle Golding briefly (15-20 mins.) discuss best practices, latest trends and modern techniques for professional business communications including advertising, marketing, digital channels, social media, public relations and alternative options. Our goal is to be educational, informative and (hopefully) entertaining.

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