The Power Of Sound In Business Communication

#NeoMarketing Podcast
#NeoMarketing Podcast
The Power Of Sound In Business Communication
Welcome to year two of the NeoMarketing podcast. This is our first biweekly episode. New episodes of the show on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month. Today we’re going to discuss the power of sound in modern communication. We’re talking about podcasts, passive audio, “smart” devices and other audio cues marketing, advertising, public relations and communications professional should utilize. 
The old ways are out! New technologies like smartphones, streaming device and voice-activated assistants have changed the way we gain and keep the attention of audiences. Business is all about adaptation. That now includes adding audio, but not your father’s (or grandfather’s) am/fm radio. Podcasts are back as serious tools. Lots of loyalty being created by podcast sponsorship.
Utilize podcast to tell your story, reach an audience without advertising. Passive delivery and selective targeting make for content opportunities to let people understand who you are and what you do. Tell your story. Create deeper dialogue and connect with audiences via digital channels for selective topics. 
Let your audience get to know the people involved in your business. Create a podcast that is simple or complex based on your brand. Podcast sponsorship is influencer marketing with a twist. Audio creates new ways to create conversations with new target audiences.
How does that change the idea of PR? According to Pritch, PR is more important now than ever before. The strategy behind PR tool is what’s important to incorporate.
So the questions we have for you are: 
• How are you going to communicate in 2018?
• How do you pay attention to your audience? 
• How are you going to communicate your message the way your audience wants, not the way you want it?
We recommend you start experimenting with audio soon. All this, plus a bonus Simon Senik reference. 

Each episode, The Golding Group partners Pritch Pritchard, APR and Kyle Golding briefly (15-20 mins.) discuss best practices, latest trends and modern techniques for professional business communications including advertising, marketing, digital channels, social media, public relations and alternative options. Our goal is to be educational, informative and (hopefully) entertaining.

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